Thursday, April 13, 2023

Damage CTRL

 Well, bound to find some cards that may not be in the best of shape when buying large card lots, and we see some of that today, but luckily, not all of it. First up, the only keepers - my Leafs!

Always two thumbs up for McD hockey sets, and although I am done this one, will keep those extra Leafs with no issue.

There are a number of cards which were still in great shape so here are the traders...

However about half, I am stuck using as packaging because they were quite beat up. Now, it looks like it has to do with the film on the front that gives the cards their happy shiny look, and some you can see in the scan below (best place is on the right sides of the cards...

You can see on the sides where the blue shine doesn't happen, that is where the cards are all scuffed up, I can't in good conscience trade these away, though will happily give them away as envelope padding. Sometimes it's important as a good trade partner to run a little quality control and ensure the damage isn't passed on and upsetting others by the quality of the cards they get.

Just because I don't have a bunch to say about them, other than I got them...I also picked up some more unopened packs from 401games because I really do need to keep getting at least a little outside time in this busy month. This knocks off all my unopened pack needs for the new-ish Phyrexian set...

Does start bothering me to spend 40-50 dollars on a handful of packs...but I do love having the collection as intact as I do (and not like the packs are getting cheaper in price if I put off getting them).

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