Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Running Low

 Just a few more packs left, and I am not liking the way this is going....

The only keeper from the above pack is the Miz tribute card. This is part of the reason I hesitate getting a second blaster when collecting these sets. I don't necessarily want to spend the money on a hobby box, so one blaster is a no brainer, but I have not had great luck on second blasters. One reason is the smaller base set makes duplication a given to some extent, but even the inserts are a bit underwhelming.

I will say, thank goodness that WWE was nice enough to drop the Doudrop name. It was used for who was Piper Niven in NXT (and who is now once again Piper Niven on the main roster). Not sure if it was the usual "let's change her name" edict at the time, or because of the angle with Eva Marie when she was called up, but either way, much better having her Piper name back.

In some ways similar in reversion for the recent turn for Asuka. She has been the "happy go lucky" personality on the main roster, that the far other competitors have had, has been gone. Starting at the Rumble though, thankfully, she took a darker turn and we have happily gone back to the Asuka of old, the one who has crowds chant "Asuka's gonna kill you). Sometimes change can be a very good thing.


  1. Was bummed that Asuka didn't win last weekend... but wasn't too surprised since most people predicted Bianca would win.

    1. I wouldn't have minded her winning, but I did pick Bianca to win by pinfall.