Thursday, April 6, 2023

A Profits Help

 Well, another pack with only a single keeper, thanks to a profit...

Dawkins here, half of the Street Profits tag team, is a rainbow foil parallel, and the only card for me in the back.

Scratch that....putting them away, there is enough of an "issue" with the Ultimate Warrior A&G card, I'll keep it for my error binder, though nothing to write home about - not sure you would even see it on a scan, hence not bothering there, but wasn't a planned "keeper".

The Jeff Hardy card just looks a bit wrong. I mean, why he be sittin' on the referees face like that? Poor timing with the shot unfortunately, but it does stand out, especially when you have similar pose twins like Drew and Humberto.

It's somewhat appropriate to have Keith Lee and Typhoon here is the same pack. From an athleticism standpoint, Keith is much more athletic than Typhoon ever was, however their roles are similar - buy guy who can be a scary presence as a bad guy, or likeable good guy. Just because roles in wrestling may nbot ever change, isn't a bad thing. Sometimes having easy predictability and easy characters to connect with, either to love, or to hate, is a good thing. Not everything has to be "hard".

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