Monday, April 10, 2023

Trade Roundup

 As the title suggests, a few PWE trades from different TCDB members to share today, so let's not waste any time and get to them!

First up, a small PWE trade with JeffWestlake. We have had a few trades recently, so always a good little pickup with him.

The Timmies card is the highlight as we get another to that master set build which the Card Day pick up works since I have some of those sets now too.

Next up, a first time trade with member Radru2000 in a small PWE trade for some Leaf hockey cards...

Given I have a box of the 2021-22 MVP to open, nice to get some Leafs for what should be the dupe Leaf team set I will want. I have mentioned liking the design, and a Topps Premier card too - which some people get mixed up with the O Pee Chee version, since the only difference is the multi languaged back.

Last up, a first time trade with Dtd500 who really wanted a few football cards and was able to provide some really nice Jays content for my collection...

So much goodness, with the great baby blue parallel 2021 Topps flagship cards, a nice smattering of A&G cards including the more recent short print McGriff, and the parallel Gypsy Queen minis...all cards I really like, and continue to add in having.

Some great PWEs and a great reminder of how awesome the folks at TCDB are!

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