Monday, April 3, 2023

The Queen

 Another day, another nice pack of 2021 WWE Topps Heritage (forgive me to those that are very particular about the naming or reference to a set - as long as all the pieces are there, I figure we both know which set I am talking about).

Doesn't get much bigger for base cards than one of the queen Charlotte Flair. I have a hard time connecting with the personality and seeing her in interviews, she can come off a bit of a tougher personality, but given the upbringing, that can be understood. It's only a matter of time before she has more world title reigns than her daddy Ric.

Finally we get a new A&G card for me with Kane. Glad it's with the mask, corporate Kane was fine, but the Big Red Monster was much better.

Seems I am having a bit of success each pack, so I guess I should be happy so far...

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  1. That A&G card of Rikishi is cool. Always liked that dude.