Friday, March 31, 2023

Another Shotzi

 Second pack of 2021 WWE Topps Heritage to share today...

The good - base additions with Roode and Dom, new Miz insert and Cena insert

The bad - well, not really bad, but since you get 2 A&G inserts per pack, and I already have 20 of 30 from the first box, looks like dupes will be the way those go, though they are really pretty looking.

The other - I like Shotzi. I don't know if it's the quirky character/attitude or look, or the tank she drives out in, but I enjoy her. It's almost like a reverse Liv - WWE pushes Liv Morgan as being different but to connect with the audience, but I just don't "feel" it. Maybe it's just me, as Liv does get good reactions from the audience so there's some love there for her. Again, I don't see it as much with Shotzi, and wish she would really get a solid shot. I mean, heck, she's at least on the box for this blaster.


  1. Shotzi! She’s got that Luna vibe that I gotta be a fan of! I enjoy going to the matches and I remember watching Liv Morgan take a sip from a bottled water and she didn’t realize that she closed the cap over her hair and she runs into the ring and she’s jumping up and this empty plastic bottle is dangling. Finally the referee comes over to remove it and would you know it? Liv smacks his face? Oh the sloberknocker! And what’s crazier? When Liv saw the empty water bottle stuck in her hair she smiled and danced with it until it fell out.

    It doesn’t end there;

    Liv tosses the bottle into the crowd and two guys just start fist brawling and it’s wild. One guy finally emerges and he’s busted bad. He’s just sitting there holding this bottle and he’s screaming “I HAVE THE POWERRRRRR!” And that’s when this old guy clubbed him with a chair!

    Lemme tell you something, Mean Gene!