Sunday, March 12, 2023


 So today, sharing a trade with TCDB member Gaetan Menard who is from the neighbouring province of Quebec. Now, I may not be a big fan of Quebec (though I do have strong ancestry from the province), I can appreciate the opportunity to get some French version hockey cards that I have been missing. Given the official second language of our country, I will accept French sports cards to the extent they otherwise fit - so in this case, we are generally speaking of some 90s hockey cards.

The trade did include some older, English cards and stamps/stickers, which are awesome little pick ups. As I say though, the Frnech Upper Deck and Ultimate hockey cards below, are the bulk of this package, though maybe not the star for me.

It's the SPx sets that win today as we get the pure base sets for both 2007-08 and 2009-10 completed here. SPx sets have a bunch of "special" base numbered cards that I don't count in the sense of pure base cards - like SN or MEM cards, so nice to get those done here.

We also get the second of two Game Day Timmis inserts from the 2019-20 set with what is my 74th Auston card (59 different cards), which isn't too shabby since I may have only pulled a couple and received the rest in trades.

Appreciate the great trade from a fellow Canada! More trading recaps tomorrow.


  1. Had no idea Melrose played. Knew him as a coach, commentator, and analyst.
    Guess I'm not as big of a hockey fan as I thought.

  2. Replies
    1. I have always had a "thing" against Quebec. Probably started with the Montreal / Toronto rivalry and a friend from grade school, and grew from there. Then politically with the whole separation thing, then with work and dealing with their government being ten times more difficult than the Federal government...just a build up of some things to get a nice "friendly dislike".