Sunday, March 26, 2023

That's Some Good Set Building

 I have mentioned that, for recent hockey sets, there isn't much I have really looked to collect, so more by default, I have fallen into collecting a number of the flagship sets.

2018-19 is no exception here either. I mean, the set is growing on me. It's very clean looking given all of the white bordering, and the photography is nice. Not a big fan of the foil logo on the fron, as I'd much rather it just be a nice coloured in logo.

However, we have a bunch of help today - all these cards are needs for me, and most all came with some number of dupes if you need any of these yourself.

A shame again that the Toronto cards aren't here when they seem that otherwise, they should have been, but I can't complain too much given the keepers here anyway.

How times change though, as I was always thought of Toronto being one of the last teams in a set when done alphabetically, and now you have Vegas, Washington, Winnipeg all behind them

They did well with the checklist cards though. The back may just be a list of names, but they did right by getting star faces together on the fronts - love it.

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