Saturday, March 25, 2023

Catch Up!

 A quick post today to catch up on a few pick ups of late from 401games which keep up my unopened Magic The Gathering Pack Collection. THese cover a few of the more recent releases - late 2022, early 2023, though releases just keep coming, so there's already more in queue I need to get.

The Brothers War is a great set as far as artifacts are concerned as it's a major focus in the set. Also, it's a bit of a cross with Transformers - not something I was majorly into, but if you you were, you will probably see more of the cross over / connections with it when I get to opening some packs from it.

I picked up the bundle as a way to get a set booster and a collector booster for it...

The back gives you a clear idea of what's included, and the other set packs will be opened in due course here, as I feel like it. The box is pretty nice, but as I say, it's the couple packs which I picked ut up for...

The bottom two are the sealed packs the lands and card noted come in. Will open lands, but not that exciting, so don't worry, won't show here. Last up, the mini poster...

Yeah, that one is a bit clear on the crossover, don't you think?

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