Wednesday, March 15, 2023

My Hero

 basecardhero was a first time trade partner on TCDB, and true to his name, the first part of the trade...some baseball base cards I need...

Still not really looking at the 1982 Topps base cards as an active set to go after, but more than happy to have someone offer them up.

We get some Leaf base set completion success as these provide the last 1994-95 Select and 1996-97 Summit base cards to finish off those Leaf team sets - woo hoo.

Even is a Sharks uniform, that does count as the last Leaf team card for the base set.

I also received my 40 card purchase from, most of which was Bruins cards for a certain someone, but with the Timmies set work I have been doing, it made me pick up some past year base cards I was missing still. 

Now, for the current year, I kinda goofed and forgot to mark these ones below off as not being needed as I got them in trade, but at least I will keep the Nylander regardless.

Do check out the online store as, all in with shipping, you pay about 20 cents to a quarter a card, and to finish off sets or get cards that are harder than through trade, it's a great optin.

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