Thursday, March 30, 2023

2021 WWE Topps Heritage

 With Wrestlemania coming up in a few days, I figure I can get into the spirit by working through a blaster box of a set I really like, and still need a bunch of help on...

With the throwback design to 1990 Topps baseball, but slightly touched up to look nice and on better cardstock, the base set is one I really like and going in, I have 40 of 100 with hopes of getting to at least 60 by end of the box, assuming there shall be some dupes.

All the packs feature soccer mom hair wearing AJ Styles - a shame with his recent foot injury keeping him out, most specifically from the Rumble this past January.

Well - both Cena and The Rock A&G card are dupes, but those are really nice dupes to get. Dolph is a foil parallel, and I did need the bottom two base cards, so it's a start.

Personal comments on the a couple of the wrestlers here...

Was nice that Candice and hubby Johnny Gargano took the time off for birth of their first child and were in no rush to comeback in later 2022/early 2023. Candice is a great wrestler, just needs to be given enough opportunity to round out her personality/character on TV.

As for Dolph - when I consider great "team player" wrestlers able to be in there with anyone and make it enjoyable, I think The Miz and Dolph (and I hope neither gets offended I group them together). From his days with spirit squad, through his time with Vickie Guerrero, AJ, the Show Off, the Dirty Dawgs, he is always a solid, entertaining presence.

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