Thursday, March 2, 2023

Surprise Gold

 It's been nice to see some baseball cards come out of the COVID lot lately as there was a good run of hockey (which is also good) just before that. We get to cover some 1994 Topps today, and though I am not collecting this set, we have a few keepers.

Hidden among the cards were two parallel Gold cards which are keepers for me, and two uncorrected error cards. I am not a fan of the front design of the set which is why I haven't tried slow collecting this one.

Though I not a big fan of horizontal cards, the Ozzie is a pretty good one. The horizontal framing does work nicely with extended bats sometimes.

Always love seeing Doug Drabek - my "I don't PC but if I did, I would PC this guy" guy.

Okay, I will give credit for a standout photo with Roger here. Just chillin', definitely not the usual photo for a baseball card...makes me think of something I'd expect to see in a Stadium Club set.

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