Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Gold or Numbered

Maybe not all of the cards in the PWE, but my recent trade with Matt9975 provided some highlights which are serial numbered, or golden, so let's take a peek. 

Sure, I do still need some rather base of base cards like the O Pee Chee Iorg,, but plenty of parallels that I need too - like a Gold Rush Castillo, Topps Gold Manny Lee, and vintage stock, serial numbered to 99 Panik. The SN 1000 Batista is a nice "base" card as well.

For what it's worth, the Kapanen is a puzzle back parallel, and hockey Topps Chrome anything are lacking in my collection, so nice to add any there too. Still, love adding any Wendel card I can - even if the photo itself is on other cards I already have.

Again with this smattering, my lack of focus means lots of adds, but no completion for Toronto team sets. Maybe next year, or later this one, I'll focus more on completing rather than just collecting.

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