Thursday, March 23, 2023

Finest....Curve Ever

 A whole bunch of pringles to look at today. Scanning, you may not see it but, sitting "flat" on the table, the middle of the cards are raised about half an inch. The cards are in fine shape and not damaged, just classic warping that happens with cards, usually when one side's finish is different than the other, so over time they bend one way or the other.

Well, 1994-95 least we have some Leaf content...

Now, there's about 150 traders here I won't scan because the warping does make them excessively hard to scan. If you need/want anything - check out my TCDB trade list, they are all there.

I will go through scanning the few uncorrected error cards as well though, just to show some more of them without too much personal pain in doing it...

I will say, all the cards have the protective film on them, and just a couple have it peeling a bit, but glad they aren't "naked"!

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