Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Almost Halfway

 Definitely not a new set to me anymore, but one that, with all of these keepers today, we get almost half way to completing.

2006-07 Upper Deck MVP is chugging along here as I close in on half of the 360 card base set done. I am only showing the keepers today, but have the 150 or so dupes listed at TCDB if you are needing cards from the set. A number of these came in duplicate - just figured I'd go with showing the variety today.

If I were to guess, there's probably the left over / picked over part of a few boxes of the set which made it into this lot, and I am good with that!

You may not get massively different photos on the fronts - very much standard in action skating shots of the featured player, but that's alright.

A shame that the Leafs do seem to be getting skipped over as I would love to have those as well of course, but on the positive side, since I collect Toronto - I do already have most of those, so it helps with the set completion. Then just the usual problem of wanting/needing two of each Leaf so I can have a copy for the set and one for the team collection.

If you collect similarly, do you settle for having one, or two?

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