Friday, March 3, 2023

Leafy Goodness

 Here I thought I'd be sharing the excitement of getting to go to the live WWE event Saturday evening with my son (his first such event, I have been to about 5 in my life), but card wise...this day was an exciting bunch from the COVID lot with a nice chunk of Leaf cards.

I figured most will end up being Leaf cards I have already, but happily, both 1995-96 Ultra cards were needs, and the Jonsson Four Sports was apparently a dupe, but did show me I have all three Leafs from it, so have that team set done (yay!).

Team set finishing is happily a bit of a theme with the cards today. 2007-08 O Pee Chee was all finished up with Vesa here and...

2007-08 Victory was completed as well. I may not have needed 4 copies of Kaberle, as one would do, but 4 is a sweet add!

Will et you know how my son enjoys the WWE event - I will have fun of course, and think he will really like it too. Out tickets are front row off the floor, so close enough to see everything, but won't be right on top of it. Sure it will be a blast.

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