Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Rookie Invasion

Sometimes when sets show up in a lot of cards, they show up in droves, whether you want them or not.

Today, we get the rookie subset from 1991 Upper Deck football. A great looking set which is similar to Upper Deck's other offerings in other sports at the time, and with the first bunch of cards being the star rookies...not a bad "bunch" to get, though maybe no breakout hall of fame star left here.

I did want to give a bit of a sense of how many dupes some of the cards came in. Russell did play in about 150 games over a decade for a few different teams, so I would definitely call that a successful career, though that won't make this a $10 card any time soon....the overproduction being part of the culprit on that too.

If anyone does want 4-12 copies of any of the cards here, I may just have what you are looking for!

A break from COVID as I have a small wrestling blaster box to share and that will be a good fit with Wrestlemania only a few days away!

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