Friday, March 10, 2023

Classically Completed

It has been a while since I had traded to complete a set, but that is what we have today. The COVID lot provided most of the 99 card 1991 Classic I set, and I had the rest of the cards on my want list. As it turns out, member flyers4life had all of the cards I needed, and thus, a PWE trade ensued.

I needed all of my Jays in order to have a complete set as well as a complete team set, and then we also have the remaining guys which didn't make it into the COVID lot, or were pulled by someone else - which makes sense for some of them like Griffey Jr. or Frank Thomas.

Is it a favourite set of mine? No. However, having 90% of it handed to me, had to finish this one off. Now, I don't think I will bother with getting one of the certificates which were provided with the sets (only 175,000 were about, so we are as done as I plan to ever be on this one!

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