Tuesday, March 7, 2023

So Swell

 I am not sure about you, but when someone mentions baseball cards and a yellow border, my first thought always goes to 1991 Fleer - a design that is overshadowed by a poor colour choice. When I try to think of a yellow border set that I really like, that's when I think of Swell.

This 1991 Swell set of baseball greats is a wonderful set. I love the sets looking at past stars, and this one is done right. The yellow and red card colours - which scream Hulk Hogan to me by the way - work well for this set. The player choices are all great ones, and even the backs as shown below, are solid for what they are.

I have about a third of the set, so a bit bummed it was just the three additions above, and the dupes shown below with the backs, but that doesn't take away from the greatness of this little set.

The one line lifetime stats is fine since we aren't dealing with ongoing careers, though for some of the players, a year by year stat listing would have meant getting rid of the decent write ups, so I can live with that choice here. The team play history is nice too. I know I never saw these cards at the time, only picking them up in lots like this, but if I ever focus in on some baseball set completion, this would be one of the sets I would work to trade for and get more of.

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