Tuesday, March 21, 2023

One Insert Set Done

 On my continued quest to complete the 2022-23 Tim Hortons base and most insert sets (won't call it a master set as I am not going after the autographs, etc), I was able to complete one of the insert sets at least and get a bit closer on the base set as well...

Yes, the Hockey Triumphs insert set of 18 is now done, and also - a Gold Etchings signting! I need a bunch more though for that one.

As for the base set itself, I am at 99 of 120 cards - so well within reach, I just need to focus on a few trades, but that likely won't happen until after busy season.

That all said - the Flow of Time inserts are on the expensive side, so will have to see about those when I get narrowed down a bit more on the "easier" cards.

A big thanks to TCDB member m_y_t_h for the help today!

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