Monday, March 13, 2023

bustedfare Trade

Another day, another great TCDB trade, this one with busterfare. As it has just turned out, I'd say most of the recent trades have been adding Leafs to the collection - I have a nice pile I need to go through and "put away" soon. This trade continues that for the most part. 

I swear, I am going to end up with 100 1990 Donruss Diamond King cards for my collection by time I collect one of each variation between border, dot variation, and error cards. That's why the few more here - just more variations of each.

As for the Leafs, most are from the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

In logging these, I thought I was closer to have the base sets for 2009-10 O Pee Chee and 2011-12 Score completed, but the sets are big enough, I still have a handful of cards left to go in each. The last two in the bunch are glossy parallels, though you can't really tell in a scan.

The team checklist card at least is a one and done Leaf insert, so at least that's successfully received and complete!

Not a bad way to start "March Break" - kids may have the week off, but with work, not me!

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