Saturday, July 14, 2018

More finishers on display

Time today for some more wrestling cards me with 15 from another pack I got off of

Some dupes which for completeness, we can show first....

Still nice to get some inserts, even if they are duplicates. Actually could be helpful for trade fodder as I think it is an insert set I may just finish through trades.

As for the new cards for me...

These three move me up to 34 of 50 cards in the insert set of finishers and signature moves. The hair swing on Ziggler with that KO punch is pretty phenomenal.

Always enjoyed the tag team, and was happy for the Bulldog in his match versus Bret Hard in '92. Great picture here of a better time. Can't believe he has been gone for so many years already.

The Ice Man

The Rated R Superstar.

Another great, classic pic. Best remember Rude for being on both WWF programming and WCW programming in the same night (WWF having been taped before).

An amazingly long career for Rhyno, still wrestling today 20+ years later.

Here is a 2017 Attax card compared to the previous which were all 2016. The original Rock, though Dwayne Johnson obviously made it synonymous with himself years later, but Don did well with the moniker in his own right.

Another great pack!


  1. I see Malenko and immediately think Deano Machine-o as Jericho called him. I think in WCW.

    1. Many of Jericho's given nicknames were pretty good like that.