Monday, September 26, 2022

1995-96 Leaf Limited

 Today, we have some cards from a set I have never seen in the wild. 1995-96 Leaf Limited is a very shiny and colourful set - screams high end for the mid-90s doesn't it?

A scratchy effect background which does make the cards stand out. I like the team colour matching effect, but good luck trying to read the faux signature along the side (vertical - why?),

Definitely not my type of set, I mean, the front are just over the top distracting in a not so good 90s type of way.

The backs are slightly better, but again, limited stats and no write up really hurt the overall card for me. At least the two pictures on the back are different from each other - though the head shot is from the front photo.

Did anyone ever collect this when it first came out? Just no overall appeal to me, and no Leafs today either. Still 1,000 times better than yesterday, but still no big success for my collection.


  1. Loved this set when it came out. Most of my money was reserved for BAP and Finest, but I did open a few packs of this stuff.

    1. I missed the best days of BAP so never really was a big collector of it. Good news is, it means collecting the old cards now, it's all that much more "new" to me.