Thursday, September 15, 2022

Masked Up

 If you collect hockey, you probably have some level of appreciation for goalie cards and the uniqueness compared to the rest, including of course, the uniqueness of hockey masks on cards. Well, you may even collect goalie cards as is. Not sure if that is the case here, but we have a solid run of goalie cards from the COVID lot today.

First up is a small bunch of Cam Ward cards. Cam had almost his entire career with the Hurricanes, except the last year with Chicago. Has to be tough to win the Stanley Cup in your first year, then not be able to do it again the rest of your career. I would think it's hard to really appreciate it the first year in.

Not just Cam today, a bunch of other great goalies, and a good sense of some of their mask designs, though not some really good close ups. Osgood always had the basic bucket that I remember though - which stands out for the old school look.

We end with my winner of the bunch, the Biography of A Season Gustavsson Leaf card. The Biography is of his return shutout against Boston after a short stint out of the line up. A nice shot of him getting into position - hope it will be from the actual game, but the way the card companies do these, I expect not.

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