Friday, September 30, 2022

From Germany - Some Cards

 Just to keep playing catch up a bit, and because I love being able to focus on the assistance of others from trades, I have a few more days of sharing (it's caring!) to do.

Today, yet another first time trade partner from TCDB with AlexGer82 who offered a straight hockey for hockey trade.

As you can see, the bulk of the nice PWE trade is from 2000-01 Pacific. Clark and Sundin win from the bunch, and love cards with Clark on his return trip to Toronto (and was glad he got the welcome back).

As great as the cards are, the amazing part is, for an international trade to Germany, the shipping was extremely quick. We each received the cards from the other within 12 days - not bad Canada to Germany!

May not have finished any team sets, but definitely happy with the great start on the Pacific set - thank you for reaching out AlexGer82!

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