Thursday, September 1, 2022

Write Off

 Before the write offs from the cards today - which are all baseball in the 80s - let's see the couple additions...

1987 Leaf, I am getting closer on, but 1987 O Pee Chee is worth mentioning. Like 1988's version, 1987 seems to be much more scarce compared to the Topps version. I finished the Topps version a while ago, but have plenty to go on the O Pee Chee one. I swear, living in Canada didn't make it more plentiful at all.

The facts I am getting close on the 1987 Leaf set is why we have a number of dupes from it today...

Obviously hitting up the rated rookie section of the base set here. A few names that went on to solid careers, like Surhoff and Mywes.

Though, if you are getting dupes, Boggs, Gwynn and Ripken are the names you like to see!

Though we end with the write offs...

Not sure why someone - I am assuming with the initials M.H., decided to write on the back of most of these cards. Maybe they were being possessive and didn't want anyone taking them? The last couple have ink markings on the side, which seeped onto the card front/back too, so I won't trade any of these, but put them as packing material. A shame since we have some more big stars of the day back in 1988, but at least it's just been a few cards that I have had to write off.

We get another PWE trade to share to end today - this one with TCDB member melathemathman, first time trade partner, who sent me...

A set add for one hockey set, and a bunch of Jays for the Jays collection as well as...

One of those sets that just keeps giving. I am still collecting all variations of the MVP cards as I consider them all different "inserts", and a few more error cards of varying variation. I mean, not high on the priority list, but a trade is a trade and I am more than happy with them!


  1. You usually don't see markings on modern era cards

    1. Except maybe checklists - but that's different. Would agree though, usually those type of markings would be on vintage cards.