Sunday, September 4, 2022

A Couple Inserts

 Today, we have a couple very different cards that were inserted into products.

Here is the fronts...

Here is the backs...

On the left, we have a redemption card that you could send in to get one of the cards from 1993-94 Stadium Club Finest set. A small set of 12 cards, you can see the names of the cards in the set on the back, the redemption card is a neat one to keep, though I'd be just as interested to see if any of those cards happen to be somewhere in this lot. I doubt it, but you never know.

The other card comes from 1995, when Miller decided to put out a set of cards - yes, Miller beer. This is the promo card for that set (the "P" in the top right corner on the back. I don't recall ever seeing any cards from the set at the time, or since, but being a kid, there wouldn't have been any appeal to me anyway.

A neat couple cards that are a bit off the usual path of cards which is cool.


  1. And somehow the Miller promo still looks better than 99% of the cards being produced these days.

  2. The redemption card is UER. Ray Bourque is spelled Borque (without the first U)

    1. Good eye - I believe that's the same error that happened in the 1990-91 Pro Set set.