Friday, September 2, 2022

Face To Face

 So stepping away from the COVID lot for a day - I found another Toronto Magic card store online which I thought I'd try out - From a price perspective, slightly more expensive that 401games, but they had some MTG singles that 401games didn't. I waited for a sale on singles which brought the prices in line with 401games, and then loaded up on some cheap singles I didn't have for about $20 and a bit so it qualified for free shipping.

The delivery was quick and cards well packaged, so that was good. As for content, there were some prerelease and other promo cards here which were nice (any with the date or a symbol on the picture in the bottom right corner).

Also picked up some of the token cards like the Golem above.

The interface for buying was alright. Not as robust as 401games in my opinion, but it worked, I'd just have to get a bit more use to it. I did end up buying a couple of some cards, which is fine, I'll keep up to 4 copies of any one card.

Now, The List cards - the ones with the little symbol in the bottom left corner, are reprints that are identical to original prints except for that symbol, but given they are released in various sets, this one hasn't made it onto TCDB yet, and I am not confident enough to add the set there, so I will have to set those aside and wait until someone posts a set there to catalog them.

No surprise though, I was a bit heavier on newer cards as I haven't bought a ton of singles from sets out the last year or so, so did a bit of a catch up there.

All in, a good first experience with the online store, and I can recommend them so far. The cards all came in great condition and I'm happy, so take that feedback for what it's worth!

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