Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Fill A Gap

 Today from the COVID lot - I found them!

When going through the 2012-13 O Pee Chee cards, there was a couple sections where cards were missing in action. One was the rookie subset, which I expect is actually not here as they were likely pulled.

The second, a run between around card 130-180 in the base set, all of which are here today for your viewing pleasure. Getting this run now puts my base set completion on this one to over 83% from basically zero beforehand.

The run includes a couple more Leaf cards including Optimus Reim, but a look at the run of base cards below shows not much pulled from the base save probably a few PC guys for whoever got first run through the set.

Definitely stars left here with Hall....and more below too.

My guess is I won't see more than one or two other base cards from this set but being less than 100 left on the 600 card set is a great start to me. I'll have to take a look at the rookie class more closely, and the related prices, to see if I go with a 550 card pure base set, or work on the 50 card rookie subset as well.

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