Thursday, September 22, 2022

Assorted Hockey

 Some days, there just isn't a theme to the cards from the lot. I mean, I try, and sometimes there are parts of sets, or player "bunches", but today - it's just hockey.

These are the five keepers for me - a couple set additions, including a never wanted, even if kept, Roy. At least this is offset by the happiness of three Leaf additions, all of the goalie variety. I liked Bester, really liked Fuhr, and loved Potvin as a Leaf.

A good run of goalies and stars with Lindros, Fleury...and these continue below...

A couple Gretzky cards don't hurt either.

Unique for the bunch is the Rane Carnegie card as it is actually slightly oversized from the standard. Enough that it stands out and won't fit normal binder pages. I mean, if you are going to go big, just go 5' " by 7" or something!

I think I'll get to a couple non-COVID lot items the next couple days for a change in pace.

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