Monday, September 12, 2022

A Nicely Blue Day

 A small pile from the lot today, but an excellent one for me!

All Blue Jays - Hoorays! As far as expanding my collection goes, the 1993 O Pee Chee cards are the winners as both were cards I didn't have yet.

However, I really like the Dempsters bread cards, and though I have a complete set, I like getting more of these ones. Besides, really like the Borders action shot on his.

Bowman highlights early Delgado in his catcher role, and you can't go wrong with Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar on a card from the early 90s as that was a big part of the World Series wins. One of, if not, the biggest trade in Jays history, looking back at what it did for the team. What's a big trade for the team you follow that, as a fan, you really were excited about, or excited to see what happened because of it?

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