Wednesday, September 28, 2022

In Ontario

 Hello again, and welcome to me sharing another trade with another first time trade partner on TCDB, with brady101, who happens to be located in Ottawa, which is just over the east end of the province, and actually where our family was on vacation just about a month and a half ago.

Yes, the High Liners card of the Toronto Arenas is really cool, especially for a card out of the early 90s, and the couple set adds are great, but Mironov wins for important card of the trade as he finishes off my Leaf team set for 1993-94 Upper Deck. Yup, still had needed a card from the simple base set, but there you go!

I guess it's my priorities that I find finishing the team set more exciting than getting these. I get it - Young Guns are probably the top line of hockey rookie cards and are sought over by many, and as such, generally high priced. I love to have them simply as part of my Leaf collecting, but don't go out of my way to get them. Was a nice enough offer from brady101 to send them my way, and I thank you for them, and the rest of the cards too!


  1. That All Hands on Deck card is pretty awesome. Don't think I've seen so many players (in action) (plus a referee) on a single piece of cardboard before.

  2. I'm the same way. I always enjoy getting young guns, but I just try to complete my base set. Only reason young guns are so popular is that they're short printed. Otherwise other sets have equally nice looking rookie cards if not better.

    1. Yeah - never a big fan of the short printing on base cards, but at least the Young Guns, it makes a bit of sense, I guess.