Sunday, September 18, 2022

Minor Issues

 Not too long ago, I had a bunch of minor league cards come out of the COVID lot, but I guess that wasn't all of them as we have a bunch more today.

The early 90s was great for seeing more and more of these minor league sets, and we cover 1993-1994 a bunch with these. "Classic" sets are the ones I remember most and that I saw most at the time. Action Packed and Fleer Excel were ones I definitely had never seen then, or even heard about until getting back into the hobby over the last 7-8 years.

Not surprising the Upper Deck Minors set is the best looking of the bunch to me as it's done much like the major league set for that year. I don't remember the set at all from the time and don't think I ever had cards from an Upper Deck Minors set until again, coming back to the hobby.

Obviously the name Bonds will standout to baseball fans as his brother, like him or not, was a massive presence on the major league level, being the home run king, surpassing Hank Aaron.

Nothing for me here, but maybe you can find something for yourself in the above - just let me know.


  1. That’s actually Bobby Bonds, Jr…Barry’s younger brother!

    1. Yeah, my screw up in writing it up..all fixed, and thank you for noticing. :)