Wednesday, August 31, 2022

It Ain't Junk!

 Never a fan of the "junk" term when discussing the overproduced era of the late 80s and early 90s, but it's a term that has stuck. I have plenty of sets in that time frame that I am still collecting and need cards for, which is why a few of today's cards are keepers for me from the COVID lot.

Yes, I live in Canada, so you'd think 1988 O Pee Chee would have been a set I'd be further along with than compared to 1988 Topps, but that just hasn't been the case. Some star power additions here though, which is great. Even sliding just into 1992, Bo Jackson's a solid pick up too. Bo may not have had a long MLB career, but he carried huge star power during it with the multi-sport play. I mean, there were only 3 guys in the ProStars cartoon, and he was one of them!

1991 Bonus Cards, like pretty much every 1991 Donruss card, has variations which is why I am keeping this one. I had one variation, now both with the inc versus inc. variation now covered.

I swear Sandy Alomar always felt like a veteran - maybe it was because he was a catcher....

As for the rest of what was there for today...

A number of players that had small piles of cards I went through already, so I obviously hit on more here, but lots of good guys with Puckett and Gwynn for example.

We get to end today with a quick PWE trade with TCDB member Onegrtemt which had me pick up a few more cards towards my 1982 Topps set...

Doesn't always have to be a big trade to be a good one. These put me up to about 55% complete on the set which is pretty awesome as it's one that will be all from trades.


  1. I'd be okay renaming the era but it is what it is. I still have tons of fun opening and looking at these cards. I opened up so much of those '82 cards back in the day. The win for me though is Mattingly. That is a really good photo that takes up all of that card.

    1. Opening packs, the era doesn't matter - always fun!

  2. The overproduction era is much better than the junk wax era.