Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Stranger Things

When I watch Stranger Things - which is a great show, just allow for the whole suspension of reality and just allowing things to be as they are presented - I love to focus on how 80s it is. They do a great job of presenting the 80s. I may have been only a wee child as I was born in 1980, but a lot of it rings true with my early childhood memories.

1984 O PeeChee is exactly that - an early childhood memory - it was one of the first sets I had a number of cards of, so would love to get that back and ideally complete the set. Still working on a number of sets and Eddie and Dwight help those respective sets as well.

Alan is the first Drake's Big Hitters card I've picked up - and no, it has nothing to do with the singer Drake for all you young ones out there.

A stroll through cards of the 80s wouldn't be complete without at least one awesome moustache courtesy of Rollie Fingers, and a little Jheri Curl. Classic signatures of the 80s.

The League Leaders Minis from Topps and the Fleer Star Stickers are some of the stranger things card wise here, as they are a bit outside the norm for sets I'd expect to see from the 1980s.

Very nice flashback to the 80s today - very fun!

Let's end with another PWE trade from TCDB - this one with member Midnight112x and some more recent Jays cards coming my way.

I haven't bought much, if any, baseball product for 2020-2022, and I find it awe inspiring looking at how much I do have which has all been through trades like this. Especially love these where what I gave up was mostly basketball and football, neither of which really interest me, and I don't collect either, but now I have a bunch of new Jays cards including a yellow parallel Ryu which is only in Walgreens, which I would never have the chance to find "in the wild".

Oh - and Stadium Club - always enjoy, but the Robbie throwback card is really neat too.

We end with the first 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen cards for my collection. Compared to the other Gypsy Queen designs, I really like this one. I might have moved the position to be short form beside the logo, and have the name the same size as the initial, but the rest of the front looks excellent.

Thank you for the trade!


  1. Stranger Things is a great show... and a lot of my obsession with it has to do with my childhood in the 80's. If the show took place ten years before or after... I'd still watch it... but it wouldn't call to me as much.

    1. Absolutely agree - what first hooked me was the 80s nostalgia and how well done it was in the first season. I was born in 1980, so I was a bit young for some of the early 80s stuff, but it a lot was still around by the late 80s where my childhood memories really connect with it.