Monday, August 15, 2022

It SPx To Me

 I have only had one or two 2010-2011 SPx hockey cards come across my path before today, and one is a Leaf card in my collection. Beyond that, haven't seen the cards and don't recall ever seeing packs, especially because that was a time I wasn't collecting (so didn't notice, even if it was right in front of me). The good nest is, I get a pure base team set from the cards today...

Again, not the Leaf team I adore when looking back at the various teams over the years, but can't win them all. This was one of those sets with a bunch of SN "base" cards - so I don't count those when talking about the base set, or the "pure" base cards. Still, nice to get a team set!

All in, a few dupes, but not enough cards to make this into my slow build list of sets. I mean, the design is a bit flashy, but at the same time there isn't much meat to the card - logo in gold foil, player number and picture and nice big name of the set to remind you which is a bit excessive for the front.

The backs lack a second photo, leave lots of space for a small team logo, limit the years of stats shown - just not a ton there to like.

So this set is a pass for me right now, and if anyone needs any of the above, happy to trade them away to a happier home!

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