Sunday, August 28, 2022

Don't See This Much

 Though I see some Topps Heritage cards now and then, I don't think I have had many times when Bowman Heritage sets come up in any significant number - until about 50-60 cards today. We have some 2004 Bowman Heritage, and although there are no Jays, there are a number of parallel and insert cards I get to keep - and a few variation base cards too.

So, there are some double image variations for base cards, and here we have three keepers for me. I have always liked the newer cards of past stars, so that's an added benefit with these ones. The "normal" base cards are just full cards of the left images.

Under the "why bother" parallel sets, we have the faux signatures which cover the top two cards. These cards are also a little thinker,, so at least these can work as nice dummy cards.

The bottom six cards are from the prospect subset of the base set, though these are the foil/shiny parallel which honestly, doesn't scan that nice, and makes the cards too dark as it takes away from the wood hole view design.

More of the same, so nice keepers regardless, though as I say the shiny wood look doesn't do it for me.

The base cards are decent, just not enough for me to care about chasing this set...

The Duke Snider and Killebrew who is hiding there, are solid, just not keepers for me. THough not a fan of the wood hole prospect design, the old school base set design is used nicely, which of course is one of the draws of the Heritage products.


  1. Hi,
    Without checking, I believe those cards are from the 2003 Bowman Heritage, not 2004.