Saturday, August 6, 2022

With Flair

 A shame there aren't more of these 1994 Flair baseball cards together in this pull from the COVID lot.

Such a beautiful set with the full picture fronts and backs and a simple stats back. Sometimes it's simplicity that works well.

Thome and Mouton are the keepers for me, as I had the others, so could have been better there, and these cards are all still from the first series - and there is a whole second series I haven't even started on seeing, so a long way to go on the set still regardless.


  1. I have 2 rows of singles if you are interested in trying to finish lmk

    1. Will keep that in mind. I think there's more in this lot as I go through it, but when done, will reach out to see what I can get to help finish. Appreciate the offer! :)

  2. The basketball sets were not one of my favorites when they came out, as they were always so dark. The baseball ones on the other hand, are all nice and bright. Kind of makes me wish that I had been collecting baseball at the time.

  3. Agreed. At least you pulled a Thome.