Monday, August 1, 2022

In Case One Copy's Not Enough

 Do I need multiple copies of cards out of 1989 Donruss? No - but when you get certain player cards, it should at least be a bit easier to trade them away.

So it seems that some cards are here in volume in the COVID lot, well and one Cal card too. Mark McGwire - definitely a star name, tainted by the steroids or not - still a big collective name. Then of course one of the best pitchers of all time with Nolan Ryan.

One thing these did let me do, is flip the cards and be able to show all four variations of the exact same card, so let's look at my pile of Madduxes....

You can zoom in and see the Inc and * variations as you like, there were examples of all four in the pile of cards. As much as I disliked Greg as a part of the Braves, his abilities were undeniable. Glad his entire career wasn't with Atlanta and I can look back at this card fondly from his pre-Brave days.

Overall - if I am going to end up with almost 20 copies of the same card, I could have done worse. Too bad I only needed one for the set build.


  1. I'm amazed that you can even still find people to trade cards from this set to.

    1. Amazes me too...but a little less since I need a few myself.