Saturday, August 13, 2022

2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey

Guess it works out that we just bump ahead a year and look at the product for 2010-11 since we looked at 2009-10 yesterday. The big difference to me is, I am not collecting this one (and not planning to at this point either).

That means the Leafs are my onely keepers today... 

As I said yesterday, not my favourite period of Leafs, but still - Leafs cards are always a plus.

Compared to the prior year, I think the photography is about the same, but from a design perspective, I prefer the prior year offering. Not a huge complain, this year if fine and I wouldn't fault others that disagree.

Since I am not collecting it though, it means most of the 160 cards or so, are up for trade - a quick offering of some are shown here.

Not a surprise that the backs are also fairly similar to the prior year offering, a bit of a rearrange of the pieces, but all the same stuff is there. To me the big difference is these ones have the write ups as white text in black boxes and that contrast isn't as nice to me as the prior year offering of normal black text on white - it's sometimes these smaller items which may all the difference, especially for someone with vision problems.

As always, happy to move these if anyone is interest, just check me out at TCDB and let me know!

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