Friday, August 5, 2022

Some Not So Shiny Baseball

A bit of an odds and sods pull of baseball cards from the COVID lot today. 

Not going to complain about the variety here as not only are there some Jays cards for me - some Expos cards I can send along to a certain other blogger, and a few cards for sets I am slowly collecting like the 1994 Ted Williams set. I mean, any set you can get a nice Willie Mays card in, that's a good reason to want to collect it.

Even the other cards are pretty neat with a post-Jays Jimmy Key...well, a few of them.

Another post Jay with Dave Winfield, and a new for me card with the 1991 Classics John Olerud. The Classics sets are not a design I really like - too much border.

Rookie Chipper Jones is a nice pick up too, even if I am not keeping it. Definitely one of the big rookies of the time.

As you can see, we even get dummy cards now and then, but it doesn't get much more basic than a simple cardboard - not even white. May not be what I was looking for, but I can always use the packaging material if nothing else.


  1. Can't argue with the "too much border" thing, but gotta say... that Olerud/Blue Jays thing pairs well with the blue on the 1991 Classic card.

  2. It's too bad that they couldn't have done a few more years worth of Ted Williams sets.

    1. For what it was, I wouldn't have minded a couple more years!