Monday, August 8, 2022

Set Review in a "Pack"

Buying lots allows the opportunity to get cards from sets you may never have paid much attention to, and today we get a nice pack worth of 1997 Leaf .

I was out of collecting by 1997, even though I kept my cards and had just packed them away, so this is not a set I saw at the time, and have only picked up a couple cards for the Jays collection since.

The base card fronts are fine. I mean, the script and writing of the names I am sure is to try and make it more fancy, but many times I prefer printed so it can be more easily read. The faded white borders on the side - well - it's an effect, doesn't really move me one way or the other. I do like the team logo placement, and keeping it out of the picture but still prominent enough to see quickly when scanning.

The backs do well to use another picture, but I really wish the stats were more than a single year. I get it makes the spacing look cleaner, but I want me some more stats!

Also have one subset card with the Barry Larkin Legacy card. I like the front - good solid design with the bordering reminding me a bit of some of the more recent parallels from Allen & Ginter sets.

I may have been interested enough back when it came out to collect it, but not one I'd go after now, unless I see almost all of it.

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