Thursday, August 11, 2022

Mailing It In

We have a short and sweet post today, which I hope is just having found the first part of more cards from this set. 

Here we have a string of cards - numbered 54 through 60 from the mailing 1986 All-Star set from Topps. You were able to get 10 cards from the 60 card set by sending in 6 "Spring Fever Baseball" cards, so this wasn't a set that was simply out there and collected for many card collectors, but instead, as you had to do a mail in, isn't around nearly as accessibly as the main sets.

The design isn't overly exciting, but was the design used for these sets, save for a change to the colour of the border on the front.

My fave player in the bunch will be Tony Geynn, though Ozzie has a good photo in the middle with the old White Sox uniform too.

These are in the vein of being inserts/parallels to me, so will hang on to them, and hope that there just might be more of the cards somewhere else in the lot!

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  1. Today's kids will never know the joy of these kinds of offers.