Friday, August 19, 2022

1991-92 McDonalds Hockey

 Always up for looking through some nice McDonalds hockey cards - especially a set I don't quite have done yet.

Definitely some dupes, etc with some of the cards, and that's just fine as I am sure these will be decent trade fodder.

All in, I add 5 more cards here for my set, and a bunch of trade fodder.

With the set being 25 cards, and a design which wasn't that far off the flagship Upper Deck design, it was a nice little set from McDonalds which, during the height of the card collecting craze of the "junk" years, was a great little set.

This is the first food related card set I remember getting in hand when it was out - a very cool experience, and something that made me love the hockey card releases by McDonalds for years to come.

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