Saturday, April 23, 2016

Getting sleeves and thensome

So whenever I need to get some more penny sleeves I go to the nearest dollarama because they sell these:

PressTine sells these bagged (they use to be boxes, but people would bend in the bottom to take out or at least see what they want - I saw many hanging boxes with damaged bottoms which I would never then buy) and each contains 4 items. Typically one is sleeves or container, and the other three are card packs - either actual unopened packs or repacks.

You can do enough in squeezing the packs to know whether you have a 100 pack of sleeves or not, and since these are basically $1 anyway, I figure, why not throw in another dollar and see if anything fun comes up.

So this is what I got:

Not the greatest - unless the franchise pack happens to be Leafs (spoiler - it's not)...

So let's see what is in these...

Well - atleast there is the one insert for Biography of a Season, and the Roenick card is nice, so not a bad 4 overall. Actually - on further look, the Marleau is actually a glossy parallel - so this four isn't that bad at all.

Newer cards, but nothing outstanding here....


Talk about high end cards - Score, Pro Set and of these would be Bourque. At least this Bourque is the American version - the Canadian one being up above.

So all and all - probably not the best use of a dollar, but I do end up with an insert and a paralllel from the superstar pack, so not a total loss.

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