Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pack Attack - 2006-07 Upper Deck MVP Hockey

We are here with another pack. One of my best pulls was from MVP - one of the 2 and 2 jerseys with two Leafs on one side, and two Sabres on the other.

I have 34 of the 360 base cards in this set, so plenty of room for the 8 cards here to find a home...

How did he do? 2 years in the NHL, a total of 48 games, and played with the Rangers and Wild - that was it.

A nice classic Brodeur pose and with the team he lead for so many years - great card.

More base, all fine and well and cards I need...

And finished with a Perry. Another excellent player. So good quality players, all base cards I need - an okay pack overall as nothing specific for my collections though.

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