Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pack Attack - 2007-08 Upper Deck MVP Hockey

For those who don't know - Tim Horton hockey cards came out this past week. I like the look, but am not part of the craze of people going out and dropping hundreds of dollars on boxes just to get master sets. I will try and pick up my one pack to keep unopened for my pack collection, and otherwise just look to pick up the Leafs off Listia or the like. You never know - maybe I'll end up with some for Christmas this year!

Talking of Upper Deck we have another MVP pack...

Well - the pack felt rigid, and to spoil it for you...just an ad unfortunately, but there are 8 cards in the pack, let's see if they are something I am looking for...and since I only have 11 cards in the base, should be good otherwise...

Very similar to prior year MVP cards.

Excellent pickup with Mats for the Leaf collection, and a couple other quality players -* both with the teams they should be in my mind.

Always like Staal, and Girardi ended up a good rookie - still playing well with the Rangers.

Great pack overall today - definite thumbs up.

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