Saturday, July 13, 2019

Aiming Top Shelf

So today, no better time, especially for the middle of July, than looking at some hockey cards.

Picked a couple of these up at Wal-Mart - one for today, one for another time.

From reading on the mystery card, I suspect it will be a Beckett promo card rather than what you see on the front. Also, hope for an unopened pack for the collection - something I need there would be good.

No surprises in the packs, but I do actually need the 2016-17 Upper Deck - I have one of the 5 card variety, here is the 8 - I assume the difference is hobby versus retail, though I don't know which is which.

Let's start with the score because, yeah, might as well use it on these repack boxes too!.

Base card - 1 point (yes, all cards get a point)
Base card need - 2 points
Base variation card - 20 points
Base card Toronto card - 5 points
Base variation Toronto card - 50 points
Insert Card bonus - points based on odds - if 1 in 4 - worth 4 points, double if a Toronto card

First, the mystery card which will get 4 points (8 is a Toronto card), since you get one per box of 4 packs). I may take a judgement call if it is really good, and score higher, but I don't think I will have that problem...

A non-serial numbered, poorly cut, Beckett promo card. Sure, great subject material, but not an impressive card per se. Still, I will consider it a keeper for the insert, parallel, oddball type collection.

Pauses to, for fun, search ebay....huh, actually have sales of the card for a few bucks...nothing too spectacular, but not nickle stuff, so at least it is something I guess. Also, something I wouldn't go out of pocket myself to there is that too I guess...

1 card, 4 points.

Pack 1 - 2012-13 Score

A solid start for the pack. A second copy for me, but since I seem to get a bunch of packs for this set, I may need a copy if I get close and want to complete the set, if nothing else.

The rest of the base....and then the promised gold rush card per pack...

Then we end with...

Well, beat the odds on that one! Had to do the math, but odds per pack on a signature in this is every 180 packs. Roman's NHL career was short lived, but I will take it, and that is a very nice autograph to boot!

This card alone, given the small number of packs here, may have this little box top my list this year!

1 pack, 8 cards, 198 points.

Pack 2 - 2012-13 Score

Well, guaranteed this pack won't be nearly as exciting as the first...

Only one dupe with Michalek, but nice to get Nash, and lot the Arnott because the back is a perfect example of full stats.

We end with the one per pack Gold Rush card which was new too.

2 packs, 15 cards, 211 points.

Pack 3 - 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 2

We end with a different pack, and all new (to me) cards...

The design for the base Upper Deck in 2009-10 was pretty nice - good full photo with colour borders which match the team, only con is the foil makes the names hard to read. I can live with foil stamping like the on parallels or the like, but on base sets, I much prefer it to be a card that I can easily read.

3 packs, 23 cards, 227 points.

So this quick little box, given the sweet hit....

2019 Box Scores
1) Top Shelf Repack 1 9.8696
2) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 2 8.0000
3) 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs Box 7.7130
4) 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 5.1220
5) 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Box 3.6067
6) 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 3.3333
7) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 1 3.2222
8) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.1905
9) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 2 3.1389
10) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 1 3.1296
11) 2017 Topps Update Baseball Blaster 3.1000
12) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.0952
13) 2018 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0476
14) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0317
15) 2016 Topps Series 2 Baseball Blaster 2.9700
16) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 2 2.8194
17) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 2 2.6923
18) Championship Collection Box 1 2.5366
19) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 2 2.2917

We have a new leader as a result of the nice auto and long odds. Definitely has the feel of being one of the better pulls for me this year, so that's reflective of the feel - especially given the odds.

Definitely a nice little pack - not bad for $10.


  1. Congratulations on beating the odds and pulling the autograph!

    1. Thanks. Never really expect to find something like that in one of these packs, but the chase is part of the fun of opening packs. :)

  2. "One for another time"? Man, good for you having self control. I can't have unopened packs of cards near me.

    1. I should do a post at some point this year, just on the unopened packs I have stashed as a "collection" then.... :)