Monday, July 15, 2019

Dupes - here so soon?

An interesting box started yesterday, that is continued today with three more packs, one by one...

New cards from the first pack...

The colours are nice, but the pictures are really busy with overlays of images, and designs like the orange designed on the left sides.

What's a bit more disappointing this early...

Three dupes in just the second pack. I guess maybe not too unexpected with a 100 card base set.

Oh - and seems there are going to be 9 cards a pack instead of 8...awesome quality control there.

2 packs, 18 cards, 48 points.

The second pack...much better...

A bit of everything - original Star Trek, the cartoon Star Trek, and Next Generation.

One of my favourite episodes of Next Generation was when Lt. Barklay found the beings trapped in the transporters, which was interesting given his hatred for transporter use, which was taken right through the series with his character. Definitely one to check out if you are a fan at all, or ever interested in the series.

Only one dupe...

3 packs, 27 cards, 73 points.

The last pack today...all new adds...

Ah - Q2. Q was one of the absolute best characters from any Star Trek, and played beautifully well. Q2 was interesting in showing there were other Q entities and different from Q.

We end the pack with an insert of sorts - a blueprint paper card that is actually an order form on the other side. Remember when cards had insert order forms...yeah - now more likely just ads for online things.

4 packs, 36 cards, 100 points.

A look at some more tomorrow.


  1. Khaaaan! Yeah many of those cards are really busy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dang... Ricardo Montalban looks so young on that card. I loved watching The Wrath of Khan over and over again when I was younger.