Friday, July 19, 2019

Whittled Down to 14

With a 100 card base set, figured this would be quick going to get about 2/3 of the set done before the dupes pile on, well, after today, I have but 14 base cards remaining and 18 packs to go. Once I get the full base set, I may just run through the remaining packs as there won't be much new other than a couple inserts in the remaining packs, but that's an issue for another day.

Today's first pack...

Only keeping is a new one of the 9 piece metallic/foil puzzle insert. SHould see more packs like this where there are no new base cards in the pack, but all dupes...

14 packs, 125 cards, 327 points.

Second pack...

Decent new base cards, but nothing outstanding. As for the dupes...

Love some of these dupes, better than the new base cards.

15 packs, 134 cards, 342 points.

Last pack

Now THESE are awesomely great base cards. The fissures episode was not one that stood out much to me as a whole, but I do remember the multi-Worf part shown here. One of those effects as a kid that comes off pretty cool, but may be easily spotted as special effects now. Add in another floating heads which include Jean Luc, and an ad insert, and this isn't half bad.


16 packs, 144 cards, 358 points.

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  1. After seeing that Clint Howard again.. I actually sat down and watched The Corbonite Maneuver. Howard shows up at the end... but it was definitely underwhelming.